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Apple Chutney

I had a glut of apples from my trees this year, too many to eat so I made this chutney which will come in useful over the coming winter months. It also makes for a nice homemade Christmas gift! 4lbs chopped apples 2lbs chopped onions 1 pint vinegar 2lbs xylitol (tooth friendly, blood sugar friendly, … Continue reading Apple Chutney


No bake healthy snack bars

These are a staple in my house. They are full of protein, essential fats and low in sugar, and will keep you going. I like them for breakfast or if I need a quick bite between meals. They are a perfect gluten and dairy free snack to bring along when you are on the move. … Continue reading No bake healthy snack bars

Guiltless Pleasures food blog

In an effort to make dietary changes easier for my clients and friends, I have decided to share my knowledge from my time working and training in health food shops, reading books on nutrition, learning kinesiology and researching recipes online to show you how you can have the things you like as a healthier version, … Continue reading Guiltless Pleasures food blog