Digestion & Fatigue

“I attended caroline recently as I was getting bloated and my energy levels were down. I was very impressed with the whole treatment. She tested my whole system and found where I was out of sync and did some gentle adjustments that I could feel the effects from immediately. She also told me what foods to avoid and supplements to take. Its two weeks since and I feel SO much better. The bloating stopped immediately and I have much more energy. Would highly recommend. Thanks caroline ” -Elizabeth, Leitrim

Skin problems

“Highly recommended , I got amazing results from a few sessions ,after spending months on steroid creams trying to mask an onset of eczema which was all over my body. Caroline is a mindful of knowledge.” -Aisling, Donegal

Low energy

“I had never heard of Kinesiology before I had a treatment with Caroline but had been recommended by a friend. To say I was blown away with the things she picked up is an understatement. Before I went I was really tired and lacking energy also very emotional. After being assessed I was given a sheet with all the things I needed to take for a month including magnesium and gluten free products. I feel like a different person now and would thoroughly recommend Caroline to everyone.”- Bernie, Leitrim.

Chronic skin condition & stress

“I was suffering from a prolonged illness – Eczema over 70% of my body and a bacterial skin infection on my face – I had seen seven doctors and got seven different diagnoses, I had been prescribed two courses of antibiotics which did not work and been hospitalised overnight with arms so swollen the triage nurse had doubts he could even get a blood sample from me. After a long and distressing experience for several months with no improvement Caroline identified my condition, its cause and a treatment with systematic kinesiology. The treatment had a positive effect within days and a few weeks later I was happily well on the road to what became a complete recovery. I have had good experiences with complementary treatments in the past, however I found systematic kinesiology as an approach and Caroline as a practitioner to be so helpful that I now use it regularly and as my first choice in time of need.

I found hope in a very desperate place and swift resolution for my condition with Caroline. I can’t thank Caroline enough for helping me when I felt hope was gone. I warmly recommend Caroline and systematic kinesiology to anyone who has had difficulty finding help and hope with health problems.” – Niall, Dublin.

Full balance treatment

“I had a muscle test and balance with Caroline yesterday and was very impressed. I found Caroline’s manner very professional but also kind, caring and empathetic. She has a wealth of knowledge which she imparts in a way that is helpful and encouraging, making things simple and undaunting. I am delighted with both the safe and entirely accepting space she created as well as the very thorough treatment. I would be more than happy to recommend her to anyone.” -Bernie, Dublin.

Baby Eczema

“I found kinesiology a great treatment, as it focused on the cause of a problem and not masking it with lotions and potions. Kinesiology is non invasive and very easy to do on a toddler. I noticed results within a few days. Caroline was also a huge help in making the changes in my son’s diet advising on alternatives as I didn’t know where to start and easy to contact if any other questions popped up. Kinesiology is a great natural way of treatment with amazing results in a very short time.” – Danielle, Drogheda


“I was very pleased with the results I got from Caroline. I had been putting off going to a doctor as my problem was embarrassing. I did think that maybe I had food intolerances and after 1 appointment Caroline told me what foods to avoid. She was spot on and within a week I was feeling so much better & a lot of my symptoms had ceased. I would certainly recommend kinesiology to my friends, I felt Caroline was interested in me, how I was & if I was improving, as she texted from time to time. Now I know what foods to avoid, I have more energy and feel so good!” – Carol, Laytown

Stress & digestive problems
“Just a quick email to say I felt fantastic after that session yesterday, when I left your clinic I almost skipped home.” – Gareth, Dublin 2


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